Prosperity: Make a Daily List

Begin and end your day making notes and lists. In the morning sit quietly and while you think of your day and the many big and little things you’d like to see accomplished (by yourself or by others), make a list of those desired accomplishments.

It only takes a few minutes - you’ll feel in control of your day. This is not a to do list because you should consider it a “already done” list since you’ve seen those things accomplished.

At the end of the day take another few minutes, go back over the day and write “thank you” notes to God for the blessings receive and the good accomplished. You can use your Gratitude Journal for this if you want. It has a section for notes at the bottom. You can also begin thinking of the next day and make some note about its perfect fulfillment.

You’ll be surprised that there are more blessings to list than you even expect at the beginning of the day. Do this every day and you’ll be amazed and ecstatic with the results.

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