R.I.P Pat Summitt – Success at it’s Best

What Can We Learn From Her Life?

pat summitt-cows dont take a day offOne of the best has passed from her prison here on earth. Pat Summitt was the winningest coach in college basketball (men and women alike). She took her teams to championships every year even if they didn't reach the championship game officially. The championships she created for her students started at the beginning of a Lady Vol's first season and never ended.

As the quote says, cows don't take a day off so work every day. She instilled that in her students and once they learned that, success was a given. She was a hard master on the court but someone that everyone loved off the court. For her to repeat success year after year the way she did is remarkable.

I offer this to everyone who is reading this. Find out more about her and her upbringing (as well as all the hardship she endured during her outstanding career and how she handled that) and see how you can apply it to yousrelf and your life. I will be writing more about her in the coming weeks because I think we can learn so much from her and how she handled things.

I do know that you HAVE to look for the bright spots and the positives in every situation that may not be turning out the way you want. Believe me I know that and am trying every day to find good things in my life right now.

I'm glad to be back.


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