Registration open for "The Art of Making Things Happen"

As previously announced, our first fall teleseminar series will be “The Art of Making Things Happen”. Registration is now open so sign up today.

Here’s the dates:

11 October 2007
18 Ocotber 2007
1 November 2007
8 November 2007

Times (as usual) are:

5:05 p.m. pacific

7:05 p.m. central

8:05 p.m. pacific

Learn how to take charge of your life and bring the things you want into your possession today.

Learn why defining goals works and is essential.

Learn the difference between goals and wishes.

Learn the Five steps of how energy works.

Learn how to use affirmations as a magnet to attract your goals.

and of course, much, much more.

Anne wrote a book by this title several years ago so you know she’s an expert on this subject.

Remember that we are now using a different teleseminar provider so that you can listen on the computer if you’re running short on your minutes. Having a choice makes it so much easier for you.

Register for “The Art of Making Things Happen” today.

By the way, there will probably be no replay available for this call. It will be a no-cost teleseminar but you’ll need to be on the call to hear it. Why? You ask. Because Everyday New Thought will be opening for membership in November and one of the many benefits for members is the ability to access replays as well as downloads if they can’t make it to the live call. From now on, you’ll be able to get access to the teleseminar by either being on the live call or being a member.


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