Scientific Prayer

Scientific Prayer

Behind every problem or difficulty lies the Truth of Being. This means that in spite of the appearance, you must believe that Divine Mind has already healed the situation¬-that in reality there is nothing but God, or good. Jesus referred to this when He said that when you pray, believe that you have received, and you shall receive. And at another time, he said, “The Father worketh hitherto and I work.”

These statements by Jesus make it very clear that we do not deal with symptoms, but that we must work in our consciousness to lift it above and beyond the mere seeming to the love and goodness of God Himself.

Often, however, we are so close to a problem that, spiritually speaking, we accept the cloudy day as a permanent state of cli¬mate, forgetting that the sunshine of Divine Love and Power has never ceases to shine, although obscured for the moment.

In prayer or treatment, we remind ourselves again that, no matter how bleak or overcast the picture may be, we believe that God has already healed the difficulty, that in Divine Mind there is nothing but good and therefore only good can express itself in these circumstances.

This is the basis of Scientific Prayer.

What words you use, or what portions of the Bible you read, should depend entirely upon what appeals to you at the moment. The important thing is to raise your consciousness above the level where the difficulty seems to be. When you have wiped the problem out of your mind—and put God there instead—you will soon find that it has disappeared from the material world also.

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