Seeding Your Financial Freedom Teleseminar Tuesday 6 Nov 07!

Hi folks,

Anne and I have been busy working on the membership site and boy do we have a whole lot planned for you! I’ve told you some of it but there is so much more than we’ve
even mentioned. The programmers are working on it right now, almost as we speak……

So, anyway, that’s why we haven’t posted much - but I know that Anne posted something

the other night so you might want to check out Anne’s blog later.

What a treat we have for you this coming Tuesday. As part of Everyday New Thought
Community Membership site
, we will have a panel of experts. One of these experts is
none other than Reverend Cynthia Lippert! She is a phenomenal speaker and will
definitely keep your interest.

She will be teaching methods to quickly increase individual incomes through seeding.
She gives new insight into the purpose of giving to the Universe through using the
Universal Law of Supply and Demand. This will be TUESDAY 6 November 2007 - yes, you
can ELECT to have financial freedom….

Times are 5:05 p.m. pacific, 7:05 p.m. central, 8:05 p.m. eastern.

Register now to reserve your space and seed your own financial freedom.

Here’s what she’ll cover:

-Recognizing financial gifts in another form

-Why everyone needs to demonstrate

-How you can increase your own supply

-The real reason for giving

-How meditation helps your ability to receive

-How the Universe shows you gratitude

Listen to Anne and I discuss this upcoming show:

Seed your financial freedom seat NOW.

Read more about Reverend Lippert:

Rev. Cynthia Lippert is one of the most dynamic women in the New

Thought movement. She and Anne Kunath were instrumental in founding

the United Divine Science Ministerial School after which she founded

a Divine Science church in Wichita, Kansas. After four years she

retired from that position and traveled extensively teaching in a

variety of New Thought churches including Religious Science, Divine

Science,Unity and other independent denominations. Cynthia is

currently Senior Minister of Unity of Wichita.

Rev. Lippert’s effervescent personality combines with her how-to

method of teaching that enthralls listeners as she explains methods

and techniques to Make Things Happen in Your Life. Her topic on

Tuesday, Nov 6 will be Seeding Your Way to Financial Freedom.

Rev.Lippert is President of the International New Thought Alliance,

serves on Unity’s Journey of Renewal committee, is District President

of the South Central Region of INTA; on the Board of Trustees for the

Knox Center of Wichita, a multi-cultural alcohol and drug treatment

center. She has been a guest speaker at each INTA Congress since

2000; she is speaking at the Universal Foundation for Better Living

Annual Panorama of Truth in 2008 in Cancun, Mexico. and is a

published author.

Rev. Lippert held an executive career in the information technology

industry prior to entering the ministerial school.

Register now and remember that it’s TUESDAY 6 November 2007!

Talk to you soon.


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