Self-fulfilling Prophecies

A self-fulfilling prophecy is an opinion or beliefs that creates expectancy or possible expectancy of an event occurring in the future. 

There are many examples of this:

Statistics (which we all know can be manipulated anyway you want) such as the incidence of diabetes is on the rise, the divorce rate is increasing.

Inheritance, family history of different diseases, alcoholism, behavior, relationships.

Media influence: inaccuracy of media including medical ads - remember - they are just that - ads - they are not there to help educate you about the disease process - they are trying to convince you, to sell you on their product. Also in the media - notice the constant reruns of negative news.

Financial predictions: stock market news, family related fears (the depression era for example)

You can (and should) always say “That is not my truth.” and follow it by “I don’t believe that that kind of information affects me.”

Do not use the words “always” and “never” unless they reflect  something positive.

Note that the prophecy can be positive or negative! That’s so important to understand. We are in charge of our lives.

Praise is a prophecy:

- Prophesy that you are lucky

- Prophesy that you are happy

- Prophesy that you have a constantly growing income

- Prophesy that you receive wonderful divine surprises “Every day I receive a divine surprise.”

An opinion or belief, once recognized, can be easily changed through denial, affirmation and common sense.

- Change the negative through denials

- Increase the positive

- Only discuss the present and future (you are so good at ……) (you’re getting so good at……)

To recognize a negative opinion/belief AND DO NOTHING gives greater strength to the negative.

- The more you know, the more you’re responsible for

- The stronger your understanding of spiritual/universal law, the faster it works…in either a positive or a negative way.

- A negative prophesy works just as quickly as a positive one (and sometimes faster)

- You must learn NOT to react to other people’s opinions, discussions, prophecies, etc. even if they are the “experts”

Every thought, word, and action goes into your subconscious and reaffirms as you believe (about yourself, your health, relationships, money, etc).

The more emotion you put into it, the stronger it (the prophecy) gets.

You shouldn’t “just accept” what other people tell you.

Denial: “Other people’s thoughts, words or actions never affect me in a negative way.”


“I surround myself with the Christ light which prevents all negative thoughts aimed at me and strengthens all positive thoughts coming to me.”

“I dissolve all ties between me and anyone who has negative opinions of me.”



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