Should You Tithe on Gross or Net?

Should you tithe on “gross” or “net”?

First a short explanation on congestion and circulation.

There is basically one problem in life: congestion.
There is basically one solution: circulation.

Systematic giving is a powerful practice that blesses every phase of our lives, as it keeps us attuned to the wealth of the universe. Otherwise, through lack of circulation and the resulting congestion, our lives can be thrown out of balance. Then the problems begin.

It becomes evident when people who have been tithing stop- they see their prosperity dry up.

Should you tithe on your gross income or your net income?

Strictly speaking, biblical tithing consisted of “a tenth of all” (Genesis 14:20).  If you’re not ready in your thinking to tithe from your gross income, you may want to consider tithing from your net income. However, you will want to invoke “ten, the magic number of increase” to some degree.

Simply put - tithing is an act of faith that influences the substance of the universe to make you prosperous as well as expanding your world within and without in ways you would never have dreamed possible. Don’t try to reason through it. Just accept the fact that tithing releases a mystical power for your prosperity.

When you systematically tithe FIRST - before paying bills or meeting other financial obligations, you will find that the remaining 90 percent of your income goes much further. You’ll be helped in many unforeseen ways. Once you make a habit of tithing, you’ll never miss those tithes! The very act of tithing will provide you with a sense of security and guidance in a way that nothing else can.

Next we’ll get to another important aspect of tithing - where you give!


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4 thoughts on “Should You Tithe on Gross or Net?

  1. Terrie, I really appreciated you post here about tithing. I needed the reminder. My mother always said that she could never have made it financially if she had not tithed. While my parents were not wealthy, they had what they needed.

    My mother is almost 92 years old and has lived in assisted living for about 5 years now. One of her major fears was running out of money. Mother’s money should have run out about a year ago which means she would then have to go live in a nursing home. She desperately does not want to go to a nursing home.

    My brother has been handling her money for the past 3 years. He would periodically tell us that Mother’s money would run out soon. But, it still hasn’t. He finally told us that he has given up trying to predict when it will be gone.

    Every time he makes a prediction, more money appears. My point to all of this is I believe all of those years Mother tithed is still paying off for her.

    Mary Ann Pine

  2. Terrie,

    I enjoy reading your newsletters and your recent request for questions inspired me to ask my readers the same thing. There responses allow me to answer their most burning questions. And, new blog post ideas for me.

    Thanks for the inspiration.
    April M. Williams

  3. MaryAnn, What a great story! Your mother is a phenomenal inspiration to all of us. It’s extremely interesting because she has such a great fear. You would think that that would negate the positive benefits of her previous tithing. But it hasn’t. That amazes and impresses me even more. She could consider going back to tithing even now.

    Thanks for sharing that!


  4. April,
    I’m glad you got something from this and that it’s helped you some. I really appreciate you commenting here! You are so right that it helps you answer their important questions.