Show Me The Way

show me the way1Sometimes we forget that there is a greater power than ourselves. It seems strange that we would forget that but it happens more often than you realize.

As a result we often find ourselves mired in a mess - like quicksand - and not knowing how to get out. Or, perhaps we might be simply stuck and out of energy or motivation or ideas. We don't know what to do or where to turn. So we just flounder around.

Next time you're feeling like that you can simply call up these 4 words and ask the Universe for Divine Guidance - "Show me the way" - this tells the Universe that you're open to whatever guidance you may be given.

Do NOT second guess it though. Try to remain completely separate and just "allow" the answers to come to you. They will...but you can't be wondering if it's really from the Universe or is it something else you've conjured up. I guarantee you that even if it feels as if it's coming from inside of you, it's been put there by the Universe. We usually don't recognize any signs we are given so that is the method the Universe uses - they ideas come from within.

Don't feel scared and don't think "well, maybe this isn't for me after all". That will just defeat the whole purpose of everything.

Go with the ideas. Know that they have come from Divine Mind into your mind! They are yours for the using so take the idea and run. The Universe LOVES  action, especially when it's provided you with the idea.

I make a habit of using this phrase every day (and often many times a day) to constantly have the Universe feeding me ideas. I don't wait until I'm in trouble or floundering around. Call it preventive medicine of sorts.

Go for it!

Let me know if you get any Divine Inspirations from using this phrase.



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