Speed Bumps In The Road

speed bumps What the heck could this be about?

Think of your day - how does it evolve? Things might be going great when you get up. You feel refreshed and even happy. Definitely fulfilled after your morning exercise and you're ready to head to work. You get in the car and start out on your journey. The road of your day has been smooth so far.

Then, you're stuck at one of the long traffic lights. But, you're feeling good enough that that doesn't really bother you today. Once you're on the main highway, though, the traffic is horrible. Everything is either very slow or totally stopped.  Now you're looking at the clock realizing you're going to be late. And you have so much to do today. Geez, how can this be happening when the day started off so good.

This is minor point of resistance (obstacle) and I like to look at these events as speed bumps in the road. Why? Because you move over or past speed bumps. They don't hang you up. Yes, you have to slow down some but it doesn't stop you. You move over the bump and then you start again. Your momentum will build right back up like your speed does in the car.

The other kind of speed bumps that I liken to my life are the grooves on the side of the highway that let you know that you are veering off the road into danger. These grooves, as annoying as they might be when you're iStock_000007938471Smallrunning into or over them, are there to protect you.  They are trying to wake you up if you've fallen asleep or bring your attention back to where it belongs if it's been wandering. If you ignore the grooves and just keep going in the same direction, you'll veer off the road and maybe down an embankment into a ravine or lake or mountains or anything that hitting at 75 miles an hour would be very dangerous. This is just like life. If you're attentive enough, you will find your own grooves in the road and when you come upon them you'll realize that it's a warning. You'll take a look at your life and say "whoa, I need to get back on the correct road ASAP". If you ignore these life grooves, you will land right where you don't want to be.

If you've found yourself down a ditch somewhere, ask yourself what "grooves" or warning signs did you miss.  That will help you recognize them in the future.

Pay attention to the bumps in your life and you'll know where your momentum is headed down a road you don't want it to be on. You want to elevate your momentum and hop on a vibrational disc that's much, much higher.  Remember that you create what happens in your life. The good news about that is that you can change your destiny and your reality. You have that power.


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