Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

comfort zone4 How many times in your life have you had an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone?

How many times have you done so?

Take a minute and sit back and think about your answers. Then think about why you might not have taken that step (if that applies to you). What was the underlying reason?

Most of the time the reason a person doesn't step out of their comfort zone is due to some sort of fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of rejection, fear of change, fear of embarrassment, etc.

Remember, though, that when you fear something, you are really attracting it more of it.  So, stop a moment and ask yourself if you really want more fear in your life? You really need to "dumb down" things like that. Once you're wrapped up in the situation, it's hard to break everything up into the appropriate pieces in order to work on them one by one. And you have to work on them one by one in order to make any inroads.

That "breaking down" process is the same as the one I talk about when addressing how to accomplish your goals.

I have the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone this coming week and actually will be stepping out of it because I'm going to New York to participate in an event where I will be presenting short sound bites to several members of the media. I am not comfortable with that at all. I have three different topics and that adds to my anxiety.

But what I've realized I have to do is simply take a piece of paper and a pencil (or use the computer) and listing the different parts of the anxiety and then what I'm afraid of and then what to do about it.

What's the problem/situation? What am I afraid of? What am I going to do about it?
I have my "pitches" but don't have
the follow-up information down.
Stammering because I don't know
what to say or how to answer their
 Write down my information before
I need to practice it
I don't think I know enough  Looking like a fool  Say my favorite affirmation, use
EFT and realize that I do know
enough about these topics and
that it's just my fear that's
blocking my thought processes

And of course there would be more rows with all my concerns listed - how I look, do I have the right clothes etc.  There are many of these that it's just too late too do anything about so what good does being concerned with them  do.

Take some time if this is an upcoming issue for you and try this technique.

Hope it helps. I know it's helped me.


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