Surrender doesn’t mean to give up your free will.As sons and daughters of God we are heirs to the kingdom. All that God has is ours by right of inheritance. In the realm of God we simply listen to our hunches. When we have a hunch that leads to a de-sire (of the Father) it is a gift telling us there is more good for us to bring into our lives. We then can choose to accept the gift or not. We accept by being specific when we make affirmations. God never forces us to do anything. If the word “surrender” still bothers you, don’t use it. My affirmation is this. “I choose to receive all the good that is on its way to me now.” I never say “I surrender” to anything that is not defined by good.

We were trained through our childhood religions that surrender means to take whatever we get and do whatever we are told. That is not the way the universe works. When we say be specific, it also means be specific that you only ask for things that lead to your greater health, wealth, happiness and joyful expression.


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