Take a New Lease on Life

Take a New Lease on Life

I have heard it said that “work is the highest form of play”. It’s up to you whether work is a pleasant activity or a burdensome toil for you. This depends on your attitudes about yourself, others and the world in general.

Work really is divine - your TRUE work and true compensation seek you as much as you seek them. Your true work is what you do best - and from what you get true satisfaction. Look  at people who go to medical school, law school, become successful executives, etc but then just quit that profession and finally do what they want - and HAVE wanted all their lives. It’s just that they allowed themselves to be influenced by others (usually their parents).

So why don’t you take a new lease on life today - start by declaring “I sizzle with zeal and enthusiasm. I have great faith to do the things that I ought to be doing!”

If you want to get into work that satisfies you, try this success formula:

1) As best you can, form a mental picture of what you want your life to be like.

2) After you have formed the picture of what you desire, begin developing and living your desire mentally. Start thinking of your desired results as if they already were obtained or existed in your life. When you do this you take mental possession of these things and quicken its manifestation

3) Ask divine intelligence (I call it Divine Mind) to show you the next step toward attaining your desired picture of good. When you do this, you’ll be shown whether it means going to night school, making drastic changes in your work and way of life, or developing a more constructive attitude about your present job and its potential. Once you’re shown the next step though, you have to follow it! You have to have the courage to say “I asked for the info, now I have to do something with it” - remember that the Universe loves action. Have faith knowing that you asked to be guided down this path and it was shown to you as part of your Divine Right and your Divine Plan (just like the Passion Test and Purpose Driven Life talk about - it’s all the same concept - just different words and titles).

4) Persist and persevere, knowing that this congenial work can and shall be yours. Emerson said that everything has a price and if that price is not paid, then not that thing but something else is obtained. And since you don’t want something else (and may already have that ‘something else’ you really do want to persist in paying the price in both inner and outer ways. You will gain what you truly desire - especially when you follow these steps.

5) Continue giving your best in your present situation, even though you may be mentally living beyond it. Above all, keep your spirits high knowing that what you truly want is yours for the taking.

As you travel within (mentally) using these techniques, there is NO WAY you can stand still on the outside. You have set things in motion that will bring you what you want.


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2 thoughts on “Take a New Lease on Life

  1. I’m a big believer in taking a new lease on life every day 🙂 I love this success formula – it should be taught in highschool. And I know what you mean about motion… if you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward. Nothing stands still in this world. Thanks Terrie 🙂

  2. Hi Fiona,
    Thanks so much for reinforcing this to everyone. It’s usually the one thing people forget – to take action. You can’t just sit around and "hope" that you’ll get success. You have to do something. And you are so right about nothing standing still in the world. Everything is always moving around us so we might as well continue to move with it and reap the successes that are part of that motion!