Tell No Man

How many times have you heard Anne say this?

Tell No Man
Joseph Murphy

It is foolish to talk about your dreams, aspirations, plans and secret desires with others. Your prayer is with the Father within. Whatever you claim and feel to be true in the silence of your soul, the Spirit in you will validate and honor and bring to pass. It is foolish to pluck a flower before it blooms and blossoms.

This does not mean that when you go to a doctor, psychologist or attorney you do not tell him your problem, because he is there to help you and cooperate with you. What you convey to a clergyman or doctor is a secret, and he or she keeps that information in confidence.

Keep your own counsel and stop talking about something that has not yet happened. The man who writes a book sits down and writes it, has it published and then tells you about it. Withhold your speech until results speak for themselves.

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