The law of Attraction Works Even If You Don’t Believe It

The Law of Attraction  is always working regardless of your current results. The results you’ve been getting are related to your beliefs (past and present), your current thoughts and the words you use every day.  I’ll go into more detail on each of these here.

Whether you know it or not, you are governed by the beliefs that have been ingrained in you since you were born (some people even believe these beliefs begin to be embedded while you’re in utero). These beliefs come from many sources – your parents, siblings, teachers, clergy, colleagues, doctors, dentists and even news media! Especially when you’re young you believe what your parents tell you. I know that I actually believed what my brother said to me more than what anyone else told me. And I still have most of those beliefs within me to this day. You just don’t know what it is that is influencing your thoughts and actions.  But believe me, they are influencing you. Until you identify what it is that’s governing your actions and results, you won’t be able to change your outcome and you’ll continue to be stuck.

Your brain is constantly working and all your thoughts are bouncing back and forth within your mind all the time. All of these thoughts also govern your results. If you’re thinking “I hate my job, I hate my job, my boss doesn’t like me, my hours stink etc.” what do you think is going to happen? I will guarantee that your situation at work will not improve and in fact it might actually worsen.  Often what’s worse is when your thoughts bounce around. So, let’s say you’re trying to work with the Law of Attraction and receive greater good in your life. If when things are calm and cool you’re able to continually think “everything in my life is wonderful and I am blessed” but when you get to work or become stressed out, you revert to “I hate my job, my boss doesn’t like me”, then the Universe doesn’t really know what it is you want and as soon as it starts to bring one thing to you, you’ve changed your thoughts and so the Universe bounces back to bringing you the opposite. Can you see how you have to be consistent and attentive or you’ll simply stay in the same place you’ve been all along.

As important as your beliefs and thoughts are your words. You must pay attention to what comes out of your mouth and what those words specifically mean. What if you say “I can’t afford to go out with you tonight because I’m really tired”. Your subconscious hears “can’t afford” and because of your upbringing (and beliefs), it interprets that in financial terms. So, your subconscious mind will keep you from gaining greater wealth. If you say “that makes me sick” – it’s a good probability that you’ll have problems with illness. How about “I’m fed up” – do you have problems with your weight, perhaps? See how your words affect you.

As you can see, what’s going on today in your life is related to your beliefs, your thoughts and your words. Once you realize these and delve even deeper into this, you’ll be able to control your results by getting rid of limiting beliefs, controlling your thoughts and words. This may seem difficult but it really isn’t. It’s a matter of focus and attention. You can do this.

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2 thoughts on “The law of Attraction Works Even If You Don’t Believe It

  1. Hi Terrie,
    This article has hit the spot, as your articles always do. When things are going well it is easy to keep our thoughts, words and affirmations on a good roll. When things start to happen that seem disagreeable is when the rubber meets the road and when we have to start lifting our heads higher. At those moments I have to tell myself pull out your iron will Sarah. I goofed again on Sunday. My son came home from a bachelor party at 7 am singing Old MacDonald had a farm….and I was so upset. I had gotten up early and seen his bed was empty, he was not answering the phone, it needed a recharge, and when he got in the door I just was grateful, gave him an Alkaseltzer a glass of juice, and like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, I said, Buddy, wait till you wake up this afternoon. I am going to wring your neck. Well you know thes guys rented a bus and hired a driver and most of them had slept on the bus and just got in so early in the morning because they wanted to have breakfast together and see the sun rise!!! I felt so silly, things are never what they seem to appear and alot of good comes out of everything. The Universe is so friendly and willing to give you what you desire, so why do I not keep desiring the good and blessing everything???

    A great article to put on the blog would be how to produce that iron will and goof-proof strategies to pull out when the going seems to get rough and you just want to run away.

    Terrie, thanks so much for this fantastic article. Perfect timing Terrie. Have a fabulous day.


  2. Excellent story Sarah – I have done that type of thing way too many times. As you said “Things are not always as they seem”

    Thanks for commenting