The Prosperity Law of Increase

You’ve heard people say you have to “act as if”? If not, then let me introduce you to one of the most important parts of achieving prosperity - Acting as if.

You are now beginning to believe you are a prosperous thinker (this is assuming you’ve been through our previous posts and lessons on the “Dynamic Laws of Prosperity” - Catherine Ponder’s glorious work).

First you have to establish and maintain an attitude of rich increase toward EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY! Let your main thought, when thinking of yourself and others, be the thought of riches, prosperity, great good and success. Believe it or not, just by thinking these things you CAN make it so.

Give others your benefit of rich and successful thoughts - this will help them become that way even if they are not consciously aware of what you’re doing.

One example that Catherine Ponder gave was of a man who was  credit manager collecting overdue accounts. He used this concept of seeing the good and richness in others and he led in collections for the entire company which had offices all over the south. On one customer who owed thousands of dollars he said to the officials of the company “the only way we will collect all this money is by being kind, courteous and positive in talking to him. We’ve got to restore some faith in himself; we’ve got to show him that we believe he will soon be able to pay this amount in full. Criticism will get us nowhere.” After they did that the man turned his life around and instead of declaring bankruptcy he was able to begin paying back the money he owed.


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2 thoughts on “The Prosperity Law of Increase

  1. Everyday I experience the results of this kindness principle. I am a psychotherapist and everyday people come to the center who are beaten down by the world. They are hungry for a kind word and a tender (therapeutic) touch. The saddest part is these down trodden people have lost faith in themselves. Their concept of God is a punishing, vendictive, judgmental God instead of a loving, caring, generious God. As these people experience kindness and encouraging words, something happens and they begin to heal. They begin to count their blessings and to have a new outlook on life. This is due in part to kind words and because they begin to change their thinking from negative to positive.

    Anne, bless you and your work. I’ll always be grateful to you and the Church of Today, where I first met you. God has been good to me and continues to provide for me in abundance.

  2. Mary,
    Thanks for your thoughtful post. It’s really wonderful to think that the kindness helps them heal and get a better perspective of their God when they think better (and feel better) about themselves with the support of people like you.

    Thanks for your support of Anne and the Church of Today too.