The Psychology of Discovering Your Self-fulfilling Prophecies

If you’re like me, you just “know” that your New Year’s Resolutions never stick. You just “know” that you’ll fail at your goals. Or, you just “know” how hard it will be to achieve them - that you’ll really have to struggle to get there.

I made it in medicine and in the military back when women weren’t that easily accepted. BUT, fortunately for me, I didn’t know that. Therefore, I didn’t expect to have it “tough” and guess what, I didn’t have it tough - any tougher than anyone else did.

Both of these paragraphs discuss self-fulfilling prophecies! You create the circumstances based on your expectations.

If you’re aware that you create them, then isn’t it cool that you can create good circumstances instead of the negative ones?

How much more could you get accomplished (achieving those goals, sticking to your resolutions, etc) if you expected to accomplish them. It’s all based in your beliefs and your expectations.

Let Anne teach you all about your self-fulfilling prophecies and how to prevent them from occuring if they are negative and how to reinforce them if they are positive.

This is a two week teleseminar series (no cost) on 10 & 17 January 2008 - we felt this was more important than the traditional goal setting and burning bowl (which are available in the links posted on the blog). If you’ve been with us long enough to have heard the goal setting teleseminar, this will be a wonderful follow-up and something that you can use to re-evaluate where you are in your achievement of those goals. Join us won’t you. It’s on the web or on the phone (we love to get the comments and questions you can enter during the call if you listen on the web - and you don’t use your minutes). The time is 5:05 p.m. pacific, 7:05 p.m. central, 8:05 p.m. eastern.

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