The Purpose of Denials

Purpose of Denials

There is no separation from the One Self. Our true self is Life. Since Life is the real you, then the real you is already perfect. Life knows no obstruction, so when an apparent obstruction appears, deny that it has any reality. When you deny anything that appears to be wrong, you are merely affirming the presence of the real you.

Your denials and affirmations tend to build up a new and a better recognition of this real you.

A mental denial acts as an eraser rubbing out false impressions, while con-
structive affirmation identifies the self with God and permits Life to flow through us, fresh from the source ofIts infinite wisdom and love.

A mental denial causes us to think straight. It erases false opinions. It removes obstructions of thought. It washes the windows of the soul and lets in the light.

Life is Light, and in that Light there is no darkness. When we use statements similar to this we are giving our subconscious self a spiritual bath. We are erasing the mistaken belief that we are separated from Life.

Ernest Holmes

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