The “Tire” – The Power of The Word

It’s amazing how the Universe works….

How often have we told you that you must ask for wisdom first. Anne has told you the story of when she was first learning metaphysics and was so anxious to have that “power of the word”. Then one day she walked outside and her son was way up high in a tree. She gasped and yelled “John, get down from there. You’ll fall and kill yourself.”

At that moment she realized “Thank God I don’t have the power. John would have fallen had my word been all powerful.” She realized she had to ask for wisdom first.

Why am I bringing this up? I had a similar experience yesterday.

On Monday, as I was driving home I saw that there had been an apparently bad accident for many areas were blocked off and there were men in what looked like Hazmat suits. I later heard that they were cleaning up the accident. I simply mused “I hope they clean it up well so that there isn’t any glass on the road tomorrow when I come home.”

I never gave it another thought.

Not even yesterday when I made that turnaround - right over the affected area and actually over the part of the road where they would have swept debris away.

Approximately 1 1/2 miles away I had to pull over with a really, really flat tire.

I am amazed that this happened - sure you can say it’s just a coincidence but I don’t think so.

You want to hear the rest of the story - all of which raises the hairs on my skin?

Sometimes it takes things like this to show how blessed we are:

1) This past weekend I drove to and from Dallas, Tx (600 plus miles). I didn’t have any problems!

2) I was on my way home from work and not on the way to work - I didn’t have to worry about being late nor did I have to worry about as much traffic.

3) One of the guys whom I adore and who has done a great deal of work for me was available to help and not far away.

  •   This man does my Pest control and he was supposed to come last week but I had to reschedule until today.
  •   I probably wouldn’t have bothered him if he hadn’t been on his way to my house anyway.

4) A young man who lived right there came out and helped me until my other friend came. As it turns out he has the greatest idea for a “charity” that I’ve heard in so long. I will share that with you in a separate post.

5) My car, although very awkward to get the spare down from underneath the rear, has a regular tire, not one of those dinky little 50 mile tires.

Think about these things…..find out what great wonder came out of this flat tire and apply it to your life.

I could just mope around about this but instead I choose to see all the blessings from the incident.


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