The YOUniverse

youniverse With all the talk we've done about vibrations and momentum, it's so important to realize that EVERYTHING in your life is centered around YOU. That's why you should think of your surroundings as your YOUniverse.

No, this is NOT selfish but it is self-centered. Most people have a negative reaction to that phrase too - self-centered. But, if you understand the Law of Attraction and the fact that you create everything in your life, you will realize that this requires self-centeredness (is that a word?).

However, this concept is also the most generous and giving there is. Because if you get your own momentum going in the direction you wish (some call it positive although there really is no positive and negative when it comes to emotions) and your vibrations are elevated, you will be doing more for those around you than you can by taking conscious actions.

When you create your world, it's so important that you focus on the things that make you feel good. Focusing on them will bring more of that good feeling into your life. Remember that you only have to "Ask" the Universe once for something. Then move on to raising your vibration and getting yourself in the right space (vibration) to accept what you have asked for. That 3rd step is the hardest part for us humans. We "ask" all the time - any time we think about something for more than 17 seconds we've essentially asked for more of it.  After we've asked, the Universe immediately provides it - but what happened? It sure hasn't appeared as a physical manifestation in your life. So does that mean it doesn't work? No, it means two things, one of which we should be very grateful for - we cannot immediately manifest things in our life - there is the Law of Gestation which means that things come into your life when the time is right. Dr. Kunath used to use a great example in her own  life. When her kids were little she recognized one day how grateful she was that she didn't immediately manifest what she said. She found herself looking out the door and seeing her kids playing on top of the neighbor's roof. She screamed at them "Get down from there - you're going to fall and break your neck". At that moment she realized that we needed much more Divine Wisdom to be able to immediately manifest. Otherwise some of the really stupid things we say would actually come true. She also gave a presentation at one of the big international conferences on "Oops, what do you do when you get what you asked for".  Something to think about for sure. Thank goodness for the requirement for 68 seconds of focus (concentrating on something for a series of 4 consecutive 17 second periods puts the Universe into action bringing you what you've asked for). Most people can't (or don't) focus on one thing for that long.

The second implication from not receiving what we ask for (or so it seems) is even more important. We must "Allow" the physical manifestation to come into our life.  Many times this is because we've been taught that we shouldn't ask for things or 1236855_603864969656204_580817517_nthat we have to deserve something or earn something.  We have all sorts of limiting beliefs - beliefs that keep us from accepting that we are deserving, we are worthy of receiving what we've asked for.  That's where the vibration/emotions and momentum comes into play. Concentrating on your YOUniverse and how you feel and think and act with the express purpose of being at the highest vibration possible while generating and maintaining momentum on a higher plane will put you in a space where you allow the Universe to bring you what you asked for. Remember my analogy of placing your order (asking), the company fulfills and ships the order (the Universe gives you what you've asked for). The shipper is at your front door but if you don't answer the door or open it to receive what you've ordered, you will continually think that your order has not been filled. And you'll get disappointed, discouraged and disbelieving.

It's so important for you to work on realizing that what you have in your life is something you've asked for at another time in your life. Make a list of the good and bad things that you've experienced and see if at some point in the past you hadn't been concerned or focused on something of that nature.

Being positive, by itself, won't work. You can say affirmations all day long (and I'm a big believer in affirmations), but if you haven't cleared the land of your limiting beliefs (especially the self-worth and deserving beliefs), you will blocking the good from coming into your life. For example, you can say affirmations in the morning and the evening but if all day long, you're thinking about those bills you can't pay, that is what's prominent in your vibrations and feelings. As such, you've spent much more time on the not having enough money to pay your bills, that you will receive more and more of that as long as you continue thinking that way.

This is why my YOUniversal phrases are (I know I repeat them a lot but they have gotten me out of trouble so many times that I can't say them enough):

"That is not my truth"

"Nothing and nobody can interfere with my prosperity, well-being and peace of mind, not even myself!"

And say them with emphasis. Keep saying them until your fear or anxiety level has significantly decreased and you can focus on one of your "Kodak Moments" stored in the album in your mind - mine is always running related and it works!

Concentrating on your life will bring you all you need to provide the love and kindness for others that you really want to. You hear all the time that you have to love yourself before you can love others. That applies in every aspect of your life.

Start working more in your YOUniverse and remember the 17 second rule (four periods of focusing for 17 seconds will get you to 68 seconds and that is essential for bringing the manifestation into your life).


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