There isn’t an errand boy who will register you for tonight’s teleseminar

So, based on that fact, you need to get your stuff together and register for it. It’s titled “God is NOT an ERRAND boy” subtitled “God’s Spiritual Power of Attorney”.

Here’s what Anne is going to cover tonight! How can you pass this up.

A. Definition of Power of Attorney.

B. What does this mean?

C. How to accept your authority.

D. Treat your authority like a business.

E. How to create a success blueprint.

F. Know your end goal. Keep your eye on your own vision.

G. Create a mental master mind executive board.

H. How to hold a Master Mind meeting.

I As chairman of the board you specify how successful you want your business to be

J. Keep the business commitment you made to yourself.

So Click on over to the registration page and sign up.


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