Thoughts For Meditation on Life…

In your imagination, you can begin to think, “I want to give it life. I choose to give it life.” See an area where you heart is and all around your heart. This is your life-giving area. Give life out as love, peace and contentment.

Watch your heart as it pulses joyfully and healthfully with life force. It feels good. It is the wholeness of life. Now you move into really letting that life force work out in you, for you and through you.

The life of God is your life. It moves in and through you in peace in total harmony. The life force of God is goodness in action. The word “God” means good. God is good, omnipotent and omnipresent in all ways in all things.

The glory of God uses you to make a demonstration of health, wholeness and prosperity in every single way. The life force of you, in you and through you is healthy relationships, healthy wealth, healthy peace of mind, healthy goodness and healthy everything. It is what you are that is bringing forth the goodness in your life.

You are the health of God because you are the life of God. God uses you to do a greater good, to have a greater, more prosperous, healthier world and to be able to utilize our foods, nurturing and bodies.

Realize and recognize that not everything here that we have heard is not good for us truly is. By accepting the omnipresence of God, these things transform into good. It is the goodness of God. Everything that we had thoughts in the past about that were hindering us in any way will turn out to be good.

If we understand this and know this, we can look in our past and declare these to be good. We can say, “Those things got me to where I am today. I give thanks. I give life to everything, and it becomes the goodness of God.” And so it is.


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