Thoughts For Meditation on Love…

Just relax within. If you’re in a room with others, feel the love in this room. If we start with the love in this room, we will feel it so much easier. Say to yourself, “I feel the love of the presence within me.”

I want you to think for a moment about any time in your life when you felt the happiest, most loving, kind and good. It could be when you were an infant. It could be when you saw a wedding. It could be when you saw a new baby.

One of the most glorious things I’ve seen is a big, tough, husky guy letting a tiny babe just born hold him by the finger. I saw the look on his face. He was just idolizing that little soul that had just come in.

Love is seeing a dad pick up a child and play, riding on his shoulders or seeing someone who just saw another person receive something good and is just as joyful for them as if they had gotten it themselves.

It’s wanting the best for other people, wanting the good for other people and wanting other people to have joy, peace and harmony to do what we can’t do but what we know to do. It’s helping that person along the path and having a good attitude ourselves so we attract people with good attitudes.

The love of God, the life of God and the spirit of God is within us. We’re careful with our tones of voices so that we speak lovingly. We’re careful with the look on our faces so we smile and feel joyful.

We keep our words happy and loving because we want everybody within the range of our voice to know this same feeling to be able to look at any other person and say, “I see the Christ in you. I see the goodness in you. I see the love in you.”

I want you to think “love” to the person on the left of you. Send it away. Then send it to the person on the right of you, in back of you and in front of you. See that love swirl in this room. This is the love, peace, joy that we’ve all been searching for all of our lives.

Now send it to your home. Surround your family and any person who lives there or visits there. Send this love to your work. Know that it will affect every person around. Send it to your boss. He prepares your paychecks. He’s doing a good job. Send love, peace and harmony.

Send it back to you for all the good that you are. Know that in that presence and power of God, the goodness of God as love is the greatest thing that you can have in your life.

According to Emmet Fox, when you have joy and wisdom combined, you have beauty. When you have love and wisdom combined, you have a happy vision of yourself in your life. Feel the joy that comes through you through feeling love. Feel the peace, happiness and harmony.

Love turns the world around. Love can heal, bless and prosper people. Love makes our lives always better. We give love and receive love. We know that, in our own spaces, the love of God is here and now. We give thanks. And so it is.


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