Today’s Gratitude – Day 13

Welcome to day 13 of our Gratitude Month! It's great to have so many people sharing their "gratitudes" this month. You just need to click on this post title and it will get you to the comment page.

Pick a category or many categories today - let uw know what is really going on in your life.

Share your gratitudes for today - see you tomorrow!


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16 thoughts on “Today’s Gratitude – Day 13

  1. I am thankful for learning how to use the Law of Attraction. also for being nudged each day to find things to be thankful for and acknowledge them openly. Mainly by getting an email every day from Ms Wurzbacher. I am thankful for this group and this project which makes me look deep within myself.

  2. Thank you God for all small things that bring huge happiness. Thank you for all dreams, hope, laughter and the urge to march on. I am grateful.

  3. I am grateful for the life I am living. wWriting, reading and exchanging ideas with people around the world, is marvelous!

  4. I am grateful for another beautiful day. I am grateful for Perfect health, Love, Peace, & Harmony in our Family. Thank You God for all the good blessings in the life.

  5. Good Morning and Happy September,

    Today I am so grateful that is finally September and another new beginning. Only four months until the new year. So today is review yearly goals and aspirations to see where I am and what I need to focus on.

  6. I am so grateful that I could do the necessary maintenance on the electric system of the house. Also I am grateful for the firewood we have prepared for the winter. Happy September to one and all.

  7. I am thankfull for a new client that is comming to see me for custom draperys and upholstry work and I am thankfull to be of service to others as well.

  8. I´m Grateful for every day I am Granted in earth, each day has it´s challenging things, it´s good things and it´s miracles.

  9. I am grateful that this week of training is completed and we found many things that need to be fixed. I am grateful that my boss wants me to go back to Colorado Springs again. I am grateful I have tomorrow off.

  10. I am grateful that relationships with all my daughters is healthy and positive. I am grateful that things are falling into place to faciliate the next stage in our ‘life adventure’. I am grateful for the warming of temperatures as Spring eases in. I am grateful for all the love, luxury and abundance that is present and growing in my life.

  11. I’m grateful for this new month and day that we are blessed with. Grateful for
    the multitude of blessings since (even before) the first day of my life, and for the
    absolute freedom free will and choice to be myself. Grateful for the well being joy
    health wealth and well being of my immediate and extended family every where.