Today’s Gratitude – Day 27

Welcome to day 27 of our Gratitude Month! It's great to have so many people sharing their "gratitudes" this month. You just need to click on this post title and it will get you to the comment page.

Gratitude has power as you've seen from others as this month has passed by. Have you seen this power in your life? If not, it will come for sure. Just keep expressing your gratitude even after we're done with this challenge.

Share your gratitudes for today - see you tomorrow!


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15 thoughts on “Today’s Gratitude – Day 27

  1. I am grateful for part-time job manifested as neede
    I am grateful for roof over our heads and food for us to eat.
    I am grateful for my health and healthy kids.
    I am grateful for problems as they are coming with solutions.
    I am grateful for this link reminds of all blessings in my life
    I am grateful for helpful family and friends
    I am grateful for resources available to learn and grow

  2. I am thankful today that my little kitten which I rescued at only 2 days old and handfed, 5 months ago is finally starting to feel better and being more alert after suddenly getting very sick about 4 days ago. I really did not think he would survive, but he looks so much better today and even starts acting playful again. I am also grateful for my health and for having a job. I am thankful for the reasonably mild weather, it is not so scorching hot anymore and I got most of my grass cut which grew pretty high after my lawn mower broke and I had to wait to get it repaired. I am looking forward to another beautiful day and expecting to experience all the good God has waiting for me today.

  3. I am grateful that my family dealings and that my business dealings are in Divine Harmony with good for all concerned. I am grateful also for a good night’s sleep and am so happy to feel rested. I am grateful that it is cooler today. I am grateful that Enery is healed.

  4. I am joyous and grateful this morning for a glorious summer day that is about to unfold, full of health relaxation and abundance for me enjoy and create in it.

  5. I am grateful to be able to meet my obligations day by day.
    Grateful for protection from harm and enemies.
    For my health and strength.
    For being able to think, comprehend and participate in this life.
    For having the knowledge to navigate and operate computers; which is imperative in this new technological era in which we find ourselves.
    I am grateful to be without doing and everything gets done.

  6. Am grateful for am alive feeling so energized for the day.
    Am grate i can take my son to school.
    Am grateful i can give a little out of what God has given me
    Am grate i can smile through pains!!

  7. Am grateful for the positive vibrations around me this day despite my wife leaving and havent come bã job no money but am forever getting unstuck!

  8. I am grateful that My Son is Having Good Success in Expanding His Business.
    I am grateful that we are Happy, Healthy, Loving Family. I am grateful for
    all the Blessings in our Life.

  9. I am grateful for the pause and reflection that sitting down to write my contribution to this Gratitude Month creates in my day. Being a person who doesn’t necessarily do the same things in the same order each day, this discipline is very helpful to my spiritual expansion and to the quietening of all that ‘top of mind’ noise. Thank you Terrie for your inspired idea!

  10. I am grateful that my brother’s biopsy was negative and he’s doing better. I am grateful that I got to go to a briefing today. I am grateful for my eFT practitioner who helped me understand where I am and where I want to be today. I am grateful that I went over to talk to my neighbor. I am grateful that my brother got me the name of a great hotel in NYC for my Yankees trip. I am grateful that I got a flight even at this late date. I am grateful that it’s Thursday and that I’ve made a promise to my EFT practitioner to do an experiment for a week to not go to work early.