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Transformation - by Dr. Anne Kunath

Ask yourself questions. When you hear an unpleasant news story, ask yourself:
“How can I change the energy in that?” And then do so.

For example, if you hear of an earthquake that killed many people, give thanks for all the ones who are still alive.

Always listen to the news on radio and television. Practice counteracting the stories.

Would Jesus have turned off the radio because He didn’t want to hear the negative stories, or, would he have transformed them?

Practice transforming any and all lack and limitation.

When you hear about a country with no food, affirm lavish supply for that country.

When you hear about war, affirm peace. When you hear of sickness, affirm health.

Stop accepting things as they are and take action to change it.

Affirmation for Transformation

God’s transformative power works through me to heal, to bless, and to prosper.

When I see or hear of lack, I immediately visualize plenty.

When I see or hear of sickness, I immediately visualize wholeness and health.

When I see or hear rumors of war, I immediately fill my mind and heart with peace.

With each and every instance I think of what Christ would do and I direct the healing energy to the people of the countries involved.

And all is well.

Dr. Anne Kunath


Give us your feedback and comments on how this works in your life. I know you’ve tried it.


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