Tweak Your Beliefs, Transform Your Life

tweakyourbeliefsTiny changes in your belief system will significantly transform your life! Just think about that for a moment. It won't take a great deal of work to make small modifications.

How can you do that? You can identify something that you believe but don't want to - such as "I don't deserve to be rich" or "the rich are greedy" (these are beliefs you hold deep in your subconscious and they hold you back). You want to have money. You want prosperity in your life. But somehow something is holding you back. If you then realize that you've always been told and believe that rich people are greedy or even that they are stingy, you've got these obstacles to your obtaining prosperity because you don't want to be greedy or stingy.

What is a small tweak you can make in this belief? Think of just one person you know who has a lot of money (and that is from your perspective, no one else's). Is that person greedy or stingy. An easy one to pick is Bill Gates. Everyone criticizes him for Windows and then they are "mad" that he has so much money from something that doesn't always work as they want it. Well, there are several items for examination here. One is that Bill Gates himself doesn't deserve to be paid for creating his product(s). We have run into that frequently in the spiritual realm. People think that just because it involves spirituality or religion, everything should be free. That is totally bogus. If something is valuable, you should be willing to pay for the product or service in order to show gratitude in one way but more importantly to circulate our currency throughout the Universe. Notice how we've uncovered another belief here - that people "owe" others free information. Or said in a different way "I shouldn't have to pay for information that will benefit me". That is really one you have to work on if it's in your subconscious mind.

Another belief we identified here is that it's the program creator's fault that something doesn't work as you want it to. 10994464_10153114509652863_2092206806244416611_nConsider that it might have something to do with all the other junk you have on your computer (I speak from experience) or that the other folks who have developed programs might have messed something up. Don't blame everything on someone else - we've talked about that before.

You can see how thinking of one rich person for just a few seconds has surfaced several limiting beliefs and a pattern of putting blame (and responsibility) on external sources.

Working on all of these beliefs (and I'll bet there are others underneath them) seems ominous and intimidating. But let's start small. Remember we're working on the belief that rich people are greedy and stingy. All you have to do is think about how much good Mr. Gates has done for AIDS. He has probably done more than anyone else in the world as far as that cause is concerned. If he were greedy and stingy would he have done that? Your next limiting belief might surface at that statement - "well, he probably just supports the charity because of tax deduction." While that may be a benefit, if you research how much he's done and what it's entailed, you'll see that it goes way beyond tax deductions. Most rich people are passionate about helping others in some way or another. I know that the primary reason I want to be prosperous is so that I can support St Jude Children's Research Hospital and can help others.

This is just a tweak but it's already dug into the foundation of your limiting beliefs regarding being rich. You only need to delve into things slightly and then once you start digging, you'll be like an archaeologist and be excited about all you've uncovered. You'll want to continue your expedition and see what else you can work on to help you eliminate these beliefs that are holding you back!

Try it and see what happens.


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