Using the 7 Main Aspects of God works!

You know I try to read ahead and get ready for the week’s teleseminar (or series like this one is). I had never read Emmet Fox’s 7 Main Aspects of God and amazingly had missed Anne’s talks on this. So, I grabbed a copy of the book and started reading. I was mesmerized. To me, these are the basic things we all need to start with - to get an understanding of before we can really understand what other things we’re doing in New Thought. The 7 Main Aspects are: Life, Truth, Love, Intelligence, Spirit, Soul, Principle. I don’t totally understand all of these yet (which is one reason I’m so looking forward to this series with Anne).

Take Love for exampe. The book says: When your prayers are not answered it must be because you have not fulfilled the conditions of the law, and, ninety-nine times in a hundred, it is because you are lacking in a sense of love for all. Treat yourself for Love every day and watch your thoughts, and “watch your tongue”, and watch your deeds, that nothing contrary to Love finds expression there. ….When there seems to be lack, see the Presence o God and claim Divine Love too, and when you feel the sense of Divine Love your demonstration is made and what you need will come.

So, what am I getting at. Today was the first day in the entire long weekend that I was able to get out there on my bicycle (my real passion) since it had rained the other 3 days (and we desperately need the rain here in San Antonio). I had a short 14 mile ride on Saturday that ended with a flat tire 1.5 miles from home. Last night when I was prepping, I noticed the tire was soft. I filled it up but made sure I had three tubes with me and plenty of CO2 cartridges. Well, low and behold at about 6 miles out I had to change the tire. I took off feeling great but it was within the next 2 miles that it got soft again. I filled it up with air, not wanting to change the tire again. I had thought my wheel was bent and that that was what was causing the problem. So, disappointed, I decided to be realistic and turned around to head home. I filled it up again twice but after the second time, it was apparent that this wasn’t working. I was still several miles from home so I decided I needed to change the tire again. This time, hoping that it would last til I got home. But, as I was making this decision and as I started to do the changing, I decided that instead of being mad, sad, frustrated, upset etc that I wasn’t going to have been able to ride at all this weekend, I was going to “treat” my bicycle with LOVE. So, as I was getting my gear out I kept telling my bike how much I loved it and that I loved all the rides it had given me. I continued to say this as I got the inner tube off the tire. I ran my fingers inside the tire as you’re taught to do. I felt nothing special. But, all of a sudden I was filled with an idea to inspect the outer aspect of the tire, something I’ve never ever done, nor even thought to do. I looked closely at the tire and amazingly found the tiny little cut where there was still an amazingly small piece of glass embedded in it. I then continued around the tire and found another area with glass  (these are so little, it’s a miracle I was able to find them). But, then, the best came. I went back to that first area and looked again (for some reason). And there was another even smaller piece of glass still deep within. If I hadn’t found that one, I would surely have had another flat and probably would have had to walk 5 miles home. I was elated and know that I was shown the way to look at the outside of the tire and to find all those pieces of glass because I declared LOVE for my bike and for the situation I was in. This was so out of character for me as was the method of inspection. I was elated - and I’m not sure which I was more excited about - that this concept worked or that I was then able to ride 55 miles!

You will really benefit from this 3 week class. So, go register for it now! If I could do this after just one reading, think what we’ll all be able to do when Anne teaches us how to use these 7 Main Aspects of God!

I’m wiped out after 7 hours on the road so I’m off to bed but wanted to share this with you all. Happy 4th of July and LOVE going back to work tomorrow.




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