Using Words to Frame Your Subconscious

Today's post is from Judy Williamson, Director of the Napoleon Hill  World Learning Center. As you read it, you'll see all the same concepts that we teach here at Getting Unstuck, LLC.

Just as food coloring can make a dish more appetizing or less appealing, our choice of words can color our world. Thinking positively requires a student of success to practice using words that have positive connotations. Whether we feel it is a beautiful day outside or not, by saying so we condition our minds to find the beauty in the moment. Lamenting the bad weather, cursing the cold, using terminology that intimidates, all make our world a less inviting place. Have you ever looked at a single flower and found it to be absolutely exquisite only to hear someone else complain that it wasn’t a full blown bouquet? Or, have you ever gone to the beach and witnessed a striking sunset that could have been a Van Gogh, Renoir, or Monet painting (your choice) only to have someone look down at this moment of splendour and decry the smelly fish washed up on the beach? Beauty is definitely where you find it.

Neutral words do not impact us. They do not position us in one direction or another. They leave us smack in the middle of wherever we find ourselves. Positive word choices, however, help us become winners. They ease our way into a home run, completing a marathon, and becoming the best version of ourselves we choose to be.

When you use positive self-talk, you are giving yourself a spiritual massage. It feels good, and it can produce good results as long as you work toward achieving the expectations that you set for yourself. Don’t fool yourself in believing that you are someone or something you are not. Rather accept the challenge of giving yourself positive self-talk daily - even hourly - to heighten your awareness of what you can become one positive affirmation at a time. Truly, when you believe it you will be it!

Be Your Very Best Always,

Judy Williamson


I think what's really useful here is her statement that neutral words don't impact us. Think about this whenever you're talking or thinking. How many times a day do people ask "how are you?" - What do you answer? What should you answer? I always say "excellent" or "terrific" and then I smile involuntarily - no matter what kind of a day it's been that's what that word does to me - it brings a smile to my face!

Put these concepts into your life and use them every single day.


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2 thoughts on “Using Words to Frame Your Subconscious

  1. Dear Terrie
    I have stumbled upon your site one day just googling the words how to get unstuck – and after following your website for three months now I just wanted to let you know your website resonates with me a great deal, so much so I am no longer stuck and found my way back with your help. THANK YOU!

    • Corazon,
      I am so happy that we’ve been able to help you! AND I’m so happy you found us – things do happen when they are supposed to!

      Congratulations on not being stuck any more!

      And also, thanks for posting a comment. That is so important to me.

      Best of luck