Weekend Round-up – After All, It’s Rodeo Time in San Antonio!

not-this-week---croppedI should have titled this post as "embrace the moment" but I couldn't resist the rodeo reference for San Antonio.  And thanks to the wonderful folks at KJ 97 I get to go to the Rodeo on Monday night!

But, I digress (so what else is new, huh?).

Tuesday morning after a long weekend I was finishing up my chores and just getting ready to write "Tuesdays with Terrie" when something happened to me that landed me in the Emergency Room and has me now facing surgery. Obviously I didn't get the post done. It's been a week of riding the emotional roller coaster but it has taught me a great deal. Needless to say I'm not going to be able to do the 100 miler I had planned at the end of March - so that's two events that my body has "told" me I wasn't going to do. There probably is a deeper message in there somewhere but I'm not looking that deep.

It's also keeping me from a publicity event I wanted to go to in April.

How do I feel and how have I felt about these happenings (or should I say NOT happenings)? Initially those thoughts and feelings were overshadowed by fears and concerns about the medical issue but then as I did embrace the moment, I realized that there are other things for me to learn, experience and enjoy on this new road I'm going to travel. I am learning to take things as they come and deal with whatever drops in the road in front of me. To assess the new obstacle, figure out what it means (if possible - sometimes it's not possible to figure that out right at the moment), and then enjoy the journey with it - almost as if I'd picked up a friend or other traveler along the way. Enjoy the time with that companion and learn every single thing I can from it. Everything always works our for me (and you too) as long as you recognize when you're resisting something and then drop that resistance and go with the flow. It will work out, you just cannot control how or any of the other details. Just declare that it does work out for you and it will.

I'll keep you posted about my journey and hopefully Tuesday we'll have another "episode".

Take care



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