What a Divine Surprise!

I just have a minute before I head on out to work but wanted to share something with you.

Where I work we’ve been short a doctor for over 1 1/2 years now and we’ve been swamped (it’s administrative so don’t worry that we’re hurting patients). I’ve been coming in very early and working on weekends throughout that entire time just to get the job done.

I work in a government job so we don’t get overtime (and if anyone needed a bailout, it was us but that’s another topic). I was just accumulating comp (compensatory) time. Which is funny because if you’re so short staffed that you have to work extra, how can you use up the comp time? Oh well.

Anyway, the administrator where I work is phenomenal and she tracks all these things and found out that for some reason I wasn’t accruing any more comp time in the computer even though I was working extra. She’s fantastic at taking care of us and tracked down the cause. And, of course, since it’s a government job, the reason laid buried in some law somewhere that physicians were no longer able to get comp time….no explanation at all - just a statement.

But, unbeknownst to me (is that how you spell it) I had been paid over $8000 in December for all my back time! Amazing.

I could look at it as a negative that I can’t keep accumulating comp time since I still have to come in extra and be all upset about it, or,

I could have looked at it as if I had a mission I had to accomplish and I just went to work - and look what a terrific surprise that was to me!!

It really is all in how you look at things and think about them.

Off to work (early of course)…..

Have a great day - I know I will.


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3 thoughts on “What a Divine Surprise!

  1. Just happened (?) onto your site here. Good to see all the wonderful teachings you offer and all the connections you’re making.

    Sounds like you’re truly busy; if you have a moment to connect, I will be glad for your time.

    Many blessings…


    PS Your form doesn’t recognize my blog as a legitimate URL so I am placing it here. Hope you receive it.