What Are The Three Most Important Factors For Setting And Achieving Your Goals?

What is it that derails us from achieving our goals? Once taught, most people can get to the point of being very specific in defining their goals. This is the first important step. After that you have to "own" your goal. I've talked about that in another article but will mention it here again. Once you've defined the goal and have "owned" it, you have to hold on to it no matter what. There are many quotes in literature that talk about how people quit something just before success is on their doorstep. That happens with your goals too. Let's talk about this.

So you've created your list of goals and gone through them and defined each of them in great detail (very great detail). You've reviewed this list against your master list of quality categories. Make a master list for each type of goal. The goal types could be: automobile, job, house, clothing, appearance, vacation, time, money (break that down into income and outgo or expense), relationships (intimate, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, etc), health, etc. Then list subcategories such as beauty/looks, safety, health, happiness, peace of mind, work, job (this is different from work), location, cost, etc. Make sure that you have that master list of categories and subcategories at hand when you get ready to define your goals. Take your time with this task. It's so important that you actually know what you want. Mark Twain said that he could show anyone how to achieve what they wanted but he couldn't find anyone who actually knew what they wanted in life. Be amongst the few and actually figure out what you want.

As far as "owning" your goal goes, you've taken a very big step by actually taking the time to define your goals. But it doesn't stop there. I don't want you to just make this extensive and detailed list and put it on a shelf somewhere. People do recommend doing that, saying that your subconscious has absorbed what you want and will produce it. Although I agree that your subconscious has had your goal embedded, you have to continue to take action. In this case, the action is to create a movie of your life with you achieving your goal. You hear about this with athletes, movie stars or singers who say when they win an award that they have dreamed of that since they were a little kid. I believe every one of them. That's what I want you to do. Create this movie showing you in your new life. If your goal is a different job, envision yourself getting up in the morning (or the night if you want to work at night), visualize your commute (you should have specified the distance when you were making your goal list), see what it's like when you go into work and all throughout the day. This movie should be just as detailed as your goal list. Sometimes multiple goals can be combined into one movie, sometimes they can't. For instance, if your goals include a loving spouse, a new car, a shorter commute, and a new job, you can put them all together in one video. Once you've created the video you must play it two or more times a day (when you wake up and when you go to sleep are minimum requirements). Make modifications as you go along and find things you didn't detail sufficiently or that should be changed.

Once you've specified your goals and then begun to own them in your own movie, you must continue to hold on to the belief that it will come to you. Do not give up and do not outline or put time limits on the achievement of the goals. This is a common and dangerous mistake. There are other steps you have to take to make sure you are able to receive but that is not the topic of this article. Outlining is when you tell the Universe how to bring your goal to you. For instance, you say that you want to have $20,000 to buy a new car. This will take longer than just telling the Universe you want the car. That phrasing allows the Universe to use its multiple resources to bring you the car rather than trying to find a way to bring the money which may be more complicated depending on your belief systems. Do not put a time limit on the Universe. This causes you to be watching the clock, so to speak, all the time. When you are watching the clock and calendar, then you are diverting your energy and more importantly you are essentially questioning the Universe (and your belief that you can achieve this goal). Just accept that you will receive the goal. Do not give up and do not question. If you have done your job by detailing the goal, creating your movie and then working on clearing your limiting beliefs, you will be successful.

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