What Colors Mean

In Anne’s Aura teleseminar last night, she described what different colors mean and I thought I would share that with you:

Stay away  from “muddy” or “dirty” colors - they indicate deviousness, dishonesty, a lower vibration. Don’t buy a car if the salesperson is wearing muddy colors.

Light blue = spiritual

Midnight/Navy blue = regimented spiritual. Filled with laws, creed

Royal blue = deep faith

Yellow = intelligence, book knowledge/common sense

Light green to forest green = health

Dark clear green = money

Muddy green = greed

Gold = wise use of money

Orange to clear red = energy

Orange to peach = energy with intelligence

Green to blue (tourquoise) = teaching health

Burgundy = deep love

Clear brown = business/works with numbers (a CPA for example)

Purple = royalty. Desire for power but not greedy power


The two best colors are:

     Peach = combination of yellow and red

     Turquoise = combination of health and spirit


Two worst colors

     Rotten liver (dirty burgundy) 

     Moldy cheese (dirty green-yellow


See what you missed!


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