What does prayer do?

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What does prayer do?

Prayer heals

Once a man was so desperate because there was no medical diagnosis or help for his son’s cough that he took his son into the den, sat in a chair, and offered a short, simple general prayer of thanks that his son was healed of the cough and infection.  Remember what Jesus prayed before Lazarus came back to life “Father, I thank thee that thou hearest me always.” (John 11:41, 42). This man’s child recovered completely.

Prayer Dissolves Bitterness.

One woman prayed to meet the right man to marry and it succeeded.

An out of work musician prayed a general prayer that God’s will be done in that situation. Lo and Behold his agent called and told him (and his group) that he had located a job for them in Texas.

A woman prayed for protection while she was in a house right in the middle of a forest fire where fire raged all around her property. She prayed “Father, it is up to you to save me and the house and property. There’s nothing I can do.” She then released the matter and went to bed for the night.  The next morning she awoke to find a few stumps still smoldering around her house. When she looked more she realized the fire had burned right up to the property line and had stopped. Later in the day a forest ranger came to her and said that there was only one explanation - “it must have been a miracle”.

Prayer is dynamic

If you feel that perhaps your prayer experience has not been satisfying or powerful and that nothing much happened as a result of your prayers, perhaps it’s because you would like to develop more specific types of prayer than general prayer.

Hold on to that thought until tomorrow…


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