What Story Are You Telling?

book_character_reading_400_clr_9091What? What the heck are you talking about Terrie? What do you mean by my "story"?

Everything we talk about is in story form in one fashion or another.

There are facts and there are stories that revolve around those facts. The stories vary from person to person. Look at so-called "eyewitness" accounts. They can differ dramatically. It's all about interpretation. You've heard "perception is reality" I'm sure. Well that is true.

And there is a definite vibration surrounding your story. So why not tell the story the way you wanted it to be? "But that would be lying" you say. Not really. You can talk about facts without putting lower level vibrations (also known to some as "negative" vibrations) into them. Let's take a recent example that I mentioned Sunday about not getting into the 100 mile endurance run I wanted to get into.


  • I prepared really well:
    • I wrote in my gratitude journal that I got into this event
    • I had no other activities planned for that day until after the sign up time
    • I rebooted both of my computers and shut down everything that would use up resources
    • I was online on both computers on the right site so that I just had to click refresh
  • I clicked refresh repeatedly when the registration link did not show up
  • I repeated this action for 30 minutes, never getting a live registration link
  • I did not get into the event


  1. It's just not fair that I didn't get in. I did everything right. It must be fixed so that only certain people get in. Why couldn't I get in. It's not fair. They don't want people to participate unless they are specially chosen. I can't do anything right. This must mean that all this Law of Attraction and gratitude stuff doesn't really work. I'm so hurt, sad, disappointed, frustrated. I'm really mad I wasted my whole Saturday.
  2. I didn't get in. There is a reason and it's one I can't see right now but I know that "everything always works out for me" and this will too. I had considered whether the dates of this event were too close to the more important 150 mile event I am going to do for MS so maybe this is the Universe's way of confirming that. It also means I can find other events to run in. I just have to look and will find something even better for me.

See how the facts are pretty straight forward but the two stories are completely different? And there are multiple variations on the story that I could have written.

Which story do you want to tell? Practice changing your story. We'll talk more about this later this week but right now it's time for a run!




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