What’s the buzz about Everyday New Thought?

Well, in case you couldn’t already tell, Anne and I are very excited about our next offering. We will be starting Everyday New Thought Community membership site. This will ultimately be the one stop shop (so to speak) for practical New Thought. If you’ve been on our list for any period of time, you know that Anne is Dr. Practicality when it comes to application of these age old principles- she can take the most confusing philosophical teaching and once you’ve listened to her explain it you just shake your head and utter “duh, that was simple”. That’s one thing “The Secret” did that made it so popular - it took every day problems and explained the use of the Law of Attraction in those terms. People understood it because they could identify with it. Anne does that with ALL the Universal/Spiritual Laws.

Keep checking  this blog to find out what’s going to be included in this membership site - and to find out when we plan to launch.  If you would like to be on the mailing list for information on Everyday New Thought, just go to our September newsletter  or fill in the form below. You can also email me with ideas or questions.


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