What's up Doc?

Here’s what’s up -

1) Our next teleseminar series is “The Art of Making Things Happen” and it will be a 4 week series (with a week off in the middle) beginning on 11 October 2007 - there will be sign-up information in your email as we get closer. As usual, the teleseminar will be no-cost.

2) The big news is our exclusive “Everyday New Thought” membership community which is scheduled for launch on 22 October 2007. As always with deadlines, things get hectic but we’re really going full blast trying to get that going for everyone. Our Modus Operandi will change somewhat once the membership site opens. But more about that later. What you will want to know is that at “Everyday New Thought” you’ll be able to have access to more New Thought teachings and info than you ever thought possible - and even better yet, you know it’s tried and true because Dr. Anne Kunath has been successfully teaching this for over 33 years now. You don’t last in any “business” or profession for that long without success. If anyone knows how to help you change your life and then continue to live it according to the Universal Laws, Anne does. So, you’ll want to be a part of this community to take advantage of her teachings. If you’re interested in learning more, fill out this form! Stay tuned……


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