Words of Wisdom

Or not wisdom perhaps. You all know that the one thing we preach over and over again is to watch your words (and phrases). This is so vital now at a time when you're working on your success list! You can sabotage yourself without even knowing it. You have to be extremely conscientious about what is coming out of your mouth, what is going on inside your skull and even what you are letting in your ears (from others). You have to be the monitor. Learn to say "That is not my truth" whenever you hear, say or think something that is contrary to your desires.

This week's "words of wisdom" phrase is

"You can't win 'em all".

How often do you hear this phrase? Quite a bit I bet.

What does it tell your subconscious mind?

It tells it that you cannot win everything. Do you want to believe that? Do you believe that? Of course you don't. You want to win every challenge you're involved with. You want to win everything. That will make you successful. It's not greedy. It's an attitude of wanting to succeed and that's what we are all about here. So, eliminate that phrase. When you hear it said, simply say "That is not my truth, I can AND DO win them all! I am a success!"


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