You Command Through Words

You are currently using the Law of Command - you are constantly making decrees. Often they are the wrong kind of decrees, producing what you do not want. 

There was a businessman who continually had problems with his right arm and it befuddled the doctors. What they didn’t know (and probably wouldn’t have put together anyway) was that the man was always saying “I’d give my right arm if I could…..”

Most of our problems can be traced to our thoughtless remarks.

Do your feet bother you? Do you say “If I could only get on my feet…..”?

Another woman was deaf in one ear - her favorite expression was “I’m going to turn a deaf ear to that” for things that she didn’t want to hear.

Consider using this test on your words before you utter them:

Is it true?
Is it kind?
Is it needful?

Even if something is true, if it is not kind then it definitely is not needful.

Catherine Ponder wrote that she found that 99 out 100 times people did not solve their problems until they not only knew but fully used the law of command. You must daily, consciously and deliberately assert the good you want.

Today take some time to look at your words - write them down as you go through the day, then take a look at the list tonight and see what it reveals about you.


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