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You know that this week has been the launch week for “The Art of Making Things Happen”, a home study course providing you the tools with which to mold your life the way you truly want it ONCE you determine what that way is (you’re given the tools for that too).

If you’ve tried over and over again and think you’ve been doing it all right, but feel you haven’t succeeded, then it’s most likely because of your words - whether these words are in thought form or spoken words.

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To show you how much power we have over our own lives, read this excerpt from Florence Scovel Shinn’s “The Game of Life”“

“Thou shalt decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee.”

All the good that is to be made manifest in man’s life is already an accomplished fact in divine mind, and is released through man’s recognition, or spoken word, so he must be careful to decree that only the Divine Idea be made manifest, for often, he decrees, through his “idle words,” failure or misfortune.

It is, therefore, of the utmost importance, to word one’s demands correctly, as stated in a previous chapter.

If one desires a home, friend, position or any other good thing, make the demand for the “divine selection.”

For example: “Infinite Spirit, open the way for my right home, my right friend, my right position. I give thanks it now manifests under grace in a perfect way.”

The latter part of the statement is most important. For example: I knew a woman who demanded a thousand dollars. Her daughter was injured and they received a thousand dollars indemnity, so it did not come in a “perfect way.”

The demand should have been worded in this way: “Infinite Spirit, I give thanks that the one thousand dollars, which is mine by divine right, is now released, and reaches me under grace in a perfect way.”

Man so often limits himself in his demands. For example: A student made the demand for six hundred dollars, by a certain date. He did receive it, but heard afterwards, that he came very near receiving a thousand dollars, but he was given just six hundred, as the result of his spoken word.

I can give you a personal example of this. In 1986 I was fortunate enough to be asked by Dr. Kunath to coordinate/organize an INTA conference to be held here in San Antonio.

In one of my reports to the board members I put that we would have 400 attendees.

The conference was a great success and everyone was satisfied with the results.

At a post conference board meeting I read the results to the board “There were 400 attendees” - right on the nose.

Imagine what it would have been like had I not limited my own success.

Don’t let that happen to you!

Learn “The Art of Making Things Happen

Success really is yours for the asking!


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