You Have To Feel To Make Things Work…

 You can say all the affirmations you want and think positive thoughts day in and day out but that, alone, will not bring what you want to your life.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against affirmations at all. I live with them and they are important to keep me on track and help reprogram my subconscious.

However, affirmations by themselves are just words.  We are all vibrational beings so what really makes the difference in your life and in getting what you want in life is your FEELINGS!

I remember when I was forced to find a new place to move to when I transferred from Portsmouth, Virginia just up the road to Quantico. I had a house already "bought" in a new development and the movers had already come and my household goods were destined for this new house. Then, I got a call from the realtor that there was some "problem" and I wasn't going to be able to move in right away - all Greek stuff to me. To make a long story short, I told him we had to  find me a new place and quickly. It was the weekend and my stuff was supposed to be delivered on mom came up with me and we went looking with this guy all day Saturday, up and down I-95 - nothing. Finally he said "well, I have three houses in Fredericksburg (30 miles from my duty station) that we can look at if you want. He and my mother were chatting away in the front seat and all of a sudden I blurted out "I am NOT moving twice" (that was our remaining option - to move someplace temporary until the new house was cleared or fixed or whatever it had to be - then I would move into that house - I knew I didn't want that). After he and my mom got done looking shocked, we headed off to Fredericksburg.

We looked at the first two houses and they weren't what I was interested in. So it was down to the very last house he knew of. So off we went.

This house was absolutely perfect - it was missing only one thing and I could get that taken care of easily (a fence for my dogs). It was a model so it had all the utilities hooked up. I could move in the next day because it was a model. It was the size I wanted (gigantic) and had an enormous back yard for my doggies. I walked in and said "I'll take it".  We signed, closed and everything was fine. My furniture was rerouted and made it there without any problems.

This happened because I put FEELING into my statement about "I'm not moving twice". And let me tell you, there was feeling.

Feeling creates a vibrational tone in you and that is what affects the universe, not your words.

So concentrate on feeling good emotions and good feelings. When things don't seem to be going right, check out how you're feeling.

Til I see you on the webinar!


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2 thoughts on “You Have To Feel To Make Things Work…

  1. This article made me focus on the fact that I do put alot of feeling into things that are not what I really want. I wonder whether I should carry a list with me of what I want, and when I start putting energy into the things that bother me and keep rewinding and reacting, I should whip out the list and say, yes this is what I really want and pour the focus there. I have read and reread this article because it has helped. I even rehearsed you saying “I am not moving twice” to get the feeling of it. This was a good article and the example put the topping on the cake Terrie. Thanks, Sarah

    • Thanks Sarah,
      In our coaching program you’ll learn how to “pivot” and change your thoughts and feelings as soon as you catch yourself – bravo for you that you’ve already raised your vibration enough to recognize that you’re focusing on the absence of what you desire instead of what you do desire. You’re going to love this course.