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next chapterI also could have titled this "Starting Over" because that's what it really is about. I have been completely inactive now for almost 12 weeks - that's THREE months.  And I was getting very discouraged because in the last two weeks I felt I was getting worse - my feet were hurting more and I felt unsteady walking. I finally realized that my unsteadiness is from markedly decreased muscle strength, which is from inactivity.

So now my job is to figure out how to combat the pain (which is not specifically from my fractures) and to build my strength back up.

But what I also realized was that when I do get the strength back and hopefully will also be able to combat the pain, I will almost have to learn to run again.

That could be depressing and for a little while I was depressed but that didn't last. Because I also thought about how fortunate I am and have been to have been able to run for as long as I have. But on a less fatalistic note, I also thought that this does NOT mean I won't be able to run again. It just may take awhile and I have to be patient. I've never had a fracture in my lower extremities (let alone 4 of them) and I'm older now. So I really don't know what to expect. I've had to walk on these feet all the while they have been trying to heal too.

Patience is a word that is not normally in my vocabulary. However, it's going to have to become a major part of it now.

It might be time to write a new chapter of my life. It might be a continuation of the same chapter or it might be completely different. I also know that whatever it is, it will be a gift for me to work with and package up to be as beautiful as the gift (actually it's gifts) I've already been given.

It does no good to lament any loss. It's more important and useful to embrace the new chapter and look forward to what's going to come with it. Doing so with happiness, joy and a wonderful outlook will put that Law of Attraction into motion and bring me wondrous things.

The thing I think we sometimes forget, though, is that the memories and thoughts about the past are there and can be used in whatever way you want them to be used.  You can use them to feel sorry for yourself or you can use them to experience joy and help get your vibration up to assist you in making the most of your new chapter! Memories are great when you want to experience the old days but don't dwell on them and do the "poor me" dance. Enjoy them and be grateful you had them and know that you'll have more.

Starting over can be a good thing. You can learn new methods or skills and you can influence people in different ways. Your purpose might even be able to be better fulfilled in this new chapter. I often think about the greatness of those that experience tragic illnesses or injuries and can no longer do what they have trained to do all their lives and then go on to do something even more special and impactful.

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