Your Real Work Lies Before You

Your Real Work Lies Before You

Your new opportunity will open whenever you have gained all the discipline and knowledge that the old work has to offer you. Meanwhile remind yourself that there  is no work that is high or low, so long as it is essential to the welfare of anyone. Perform what you are doing as efficiently as possible while you are doing it. Live a normal life and make the most of your present work even if you’re not happy with that work. This helps you maintain a steady state while working toward your greater good.

In the face of discouragement you function is to concentrate on your higher ideals of more satisfying work. Then declare a divine solution for the experiences of the moment. James Allen said “Your circumstances may be uncongenial, but they shall not long remain so if you perceive an ideal and strive to reach it. You cannot travel within and stand still without.”

When things seem down,it helps to remember that tit is darkest just before the dawn of new good. despair is usually an emotional indication that the tide is turning and that the dawn is coming sooner than you think.

If necessary, use the mental law of reversal on the situation. In the mental realm, thought can conceive of opposites and produce them more easily than thought can accept a gradual degree of good and product it. A radical change of view often clears the mind or cluttered, limited ideas, so that the mental swing to the opposite can produce and opposite result quickly.

Build the pictures in your mind - those of increased good and think about them as you go about your daily activities. Affirm rich, unlimited success for yourself no matter what is happening around you.

Expect Changes For The Better

Remind yourself f that you do not make things better by fighting present unhappy working conditions. Take a non-resistant attitude toward existing conditions and know that they already are changing for the better. 

When things appear to be at a stand-still, remember the principle of physics which says that the entire universe is in constant motion;that we live, move and have our being in an “ocean of motion”. This is the case even thought with our five senses we don’t realize that. Nothing stands still; everything is constantly changing, whether it seems to or not. Expect such changes and they will come about.

Don’t be misled by fear thoughts which try to convince you that your higher ideas are too good to be true, too wonderful to happen, or too good to last. When fear or doubt arise, put your best foot forward and do something definite to effect the successful feeling and the successful look so as to convince not only yourself but others that you are succeeding. He who conquers fear and doubt conquer failure. It helps tremendously to think you are succeeding, whether your success seems evident to you at the moment or not. 


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