Your Subconscious Mind

Your subconscious mind
Judith williamson 

Your subconscious mind is a powerful mental magnet. Napoleon Hill’s Philosophy of Success works more efficiently when you engage your subconscious mind in the learning process. Always advanced for his time, Dr. Hill recognized that our conscious mind was merely the tip of the iceberg.      

More advanced and more directly useful to students of success is the subconscious mind. This greater mind can be accessed through positive affirmations, meditation, repetition and visualization. Visual images can accelerate the manifestation of personalized goals and objectives.

Dr. Hill’s famous epigram: “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve” works in conjunction with the subconscious mind. By repeating this famous saying, one becomes convinced that individuals can dream, affirm, and manifest personalized goals.

Dr. Hill states that: “You may voluntarily plant in your subconscious mind any plan, thought, or purpose which you desire to translate into its physical or monetary equivalent. The subconscious acts first on the dominating desires which have been mixed with emotional feeling, such as faith.”

The subconscious mind is the seat of the emotions and responds to either positively or negatively charged emotionalized ideas. The thinker controls the thoughts – good or bad; however, the subconscious mind programs the outcome.      

How does this work? Simply put, the subconscious mind is like a fertile garden. Seeds of greatness or seeds of despair can be sown. Sowing seeds of greatness will yield a garden full of beautiful outcomes, while sowing seeds of despair will yield the opposite.

As soon as a person understands that “thoughts are things,” the process can begin. Good thoughts can be planted in the subconscious mind and positive results can be harvested and likewise bad thoughts can be planted and a crop of negative results will grow. Utilizing this process, it becomes obvious that success is achieved through a combination of good thoughts combined with good actions.      

By controlling one’s thoughts, a person can control his destiny. Dr. Hill states that: “Everything which man creates begins in the form of a thought impulse.”      

A thought aligned with strong emotion has a quicker gateway to the subconscious mind than simply a thought without the attachment of an emotionalized feeling.      

Comparing emotionalized thought to the yeast that causes bread dough to rise, Dr. Hill explains that emotion is the action element that transforms thought into action.      

The metaphor of yeast is a good one because it works slowly but uniformly; and before a person realizes it, the dough has multiplied many times over its original size. As you hand over your desires to your subconscious mind, you are planting the seeds of your desire and allowing the subconscious to take inner control and transmute your desires into reality.      

A negative thought and a positive thought cannot exist in the subconscious mind simultaneously. They cancel one another out. By focusing on the positive emotions of desire, faith, love, sex, enthusiasm, romance and hope, one can avoid allowing the negative emotions of fear, jealousy, hatred, revenge, greed, superstition, and anger to take root and destroy the positive outlook.

By disciplining the mind to only allow positive emotions to prevail, an individual conditions the mind so that negative emotions are not permitted to enter it. As the subconscious mind is given its marching orders, it also serves as an intermediary between the mind of man and Infinite Intelligence.

When a proposition is installed by a positively emotionalized thought in the subconscious mind, it next presents the message to the supra-conscious mind or Infinite Intelligence, and brings back a plan of action that when acted upon brings about the desired goal.      

In his section on Applied Faith, Dr. Hill states: “We are what we are, and where we are, because of the dominating thoughts we have permitted to dwell in our own minds.” As an individual works to clear the mind of negative thoughts, the mind is being prepared for an influx of Infinite Intelligence.

This conditioning is essential before you can acquire an active faith that will aid in assisting you in accepting the guidance of Infinite Intelligence. The subconscious mind is the gateway to Infinite Intelligence but it must be prepared as a garden is prepared before the seeds can be planted. In order to keep this gateway open, you must first mentally picture what you want.

This mental imagery combined with applied faith will begin the germination of the seed of your desire.      

Constantly remind the subconscious mind with what it is you want, by repeating short, positive affirmations in the present tense. These affirmations should be stated as if the end result has already occurred. Next, continually hold positive thoughts regarding your goal and put into action steps that will carry you in the direction or realization of this goal.

Finally, offer prayers of gratitude to Infinite Intelligence for the attainment of this goal as if it has already been accomplished. Some individuals like to call this “truth in advance.” It works because your subconscious mind operates best in the present tense. If you pray for something in the future, your subconscious mind will register the thought that this result does not need to happen now, but in some future time.

Offer expressions of gratitude and thanksgiving for what you have already received whether these things have manifested or not in your current, present reality. Infinite Intelligence will offer up a plan to you for the manifestation of your desire provided that your desire does not violate the rights of others. Follow this plan and it will lead you to your definite major purpose.

Once received, give back for what you have been given. The Universe expects a return on its investment just as you do.      

Gardeners understand this Law of Abundance when they reap the crop that they have sown. Single seeds that were sown now become multiplied many times over. A tomato does not produce one seed, but hundreds of seeds for the profitable gardener.

Nature practices the Law of Abundance. You reap what you plant in your subconscious mind – good or bad – because this fertile ground does not distinguish. Rather, it only follows your emotionalized marching orders.      

In conclusion, your mind works like a magnet and draws like things to you. Send out positive thoughts and your subconscious mind will draw rather than repel like-minded thoughts to you – riches, prosperity, health, and all the good things in life.

Conversely, negative thoughts feed and multiply upon themselves too. Condition your magnet for positive attraction, and feel the goodness flow into your life. Do not accept failure, poverty, ill-health, superstition, and all the ills of the world.

These ills do not have to be part of your life program. Rather, tune your subconscious mind like a highly receptive radio that hones in on the exact station you want to receive. Program your subconscious mind for success and you will have it. Accept nothing less.      

In the Midwestern United States, October is a prime month to begin your homework on the subconscious mind. Nature shows us her abundance via the colorful leaves, bountiful harvest, and Indian summer days.      

Nurture your subconscious mind now to deliver your most deserved gifts right on schedule by utilizing some of the following creative suggestions. Create your bountiful harvest and recognize the magnificent power within you!     

Conceive It ——- Believe It ——- Achieve It      

Judith Williamson, Director, Napoleon Hill Foundation    

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