10 Commandments of Health

This is from Donald Curtis “Human Problems and How to Solve Them”. It leads right into our teleseminar tomorrow on “Medicine & Metaphysics”.

1. Sleep every chance you get. Learn from your pets. When they have nothing to do they sleep. Thus, they are ready for anything because they are fresh and rested. Take “cat naps” several times during the day. The natural healing  forces of life take over when you go to sleep and stop resisting them. Find out how much sleep you need and make sure you get it.

2. Hang onto your temper. Anger destroys. Control your feelings.  Emotional outbursts are destructive. Forgive yourself. Get rid of resentment.

3. Never worry. You will never be confronted with a situation you are not capable of handling. Worry is bondage to the past or future. Forget the past. Plan for the future but don’t worry about it.

4. Learn to laugh.  Get happy inside and let the laughter come out of you. Why live unless you can have a good time doing it.

5. Organize your time and always give your best.  Stop running around in circles. Decide what you are going to do, set aside time for it, then go ahead and do it. Use your time constructively.

6. Eliminate harmful habits. This means all of them – mental, emotional and physical. They include sins of omission as well as commission.

7. Eat sensibly. Use moderation. Help your body maintain itself by finding out what it needs, then provide it in sensible quantity and with good quality.

8. Exercise regularly. Your body is meant to be used, so use it. You’ll feel better when you do. Get rid of your inner aggressions by finding some intensive physical exercise.

9. Love people. Get to know people. No one can live without love. We all have more love inside of us than we’ll ever use. The more love we give, the more returns to us. Understanding, interest, compassion, and empathy all produce health. Talk to people, encourage them. Give yourself to them. Help them.

10. Learn to pray.Prayer is affirmation. Prayer connects you with the source of life.  Prayer is participation in the creative process. Prayer is renewal. Prayer stimulates the flow of life through us.

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