2 Secret Words That Will Alter Your Life

thank-you-multi-languageThese words are not really secret but occasionally it seems they are secret. People don’t say “thank you” enough in my opinion.

You can say thank you to another person for small things or for big things. Or, you can say thank you to the Universe for anything and everything!

This simple expression is so easy to say and takes no effort at all. Challenge yourself to say thank you at least 10 times a day AND Then write in your gratitude journal every day.

Making yourself keep track of these activities increases the power of actually doing them.

Gratitude is what makes the world go round and is really what will change your life completely. Being completely immersed in gratitude will turn your world upside down but in the good way! Try it.

Who can you say thank you to today? Can you try to “best” yourself every day and do more “thank you’s” than you did the day before? Can you write more things in your gratitude journal every day. Start with 2 or 3 and then each day try to beat that.

This is one of the laws of the Universe – the Law of Gratitude!

Let us know what’s happening and how many times you said thank you each day and how many things were you grateful for in your gratitude journal. Remember to download your free gratitude journal (PC only).


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