7 Aspects – Life (continued)

The closest word for “God” Dr. Lamsa (expert in Aramaic Bible) could come up with was “essence.” When I think of essence, I think of somebody who has perfume on. You can smell the perfume, but you can’t see or feel it. It’s just there. This is what spirit is. It’s all around us.

It’s been described this way. If fish knew that they were in water, they might drown. They’re supposed to drown if their heads are underwater like that. If we could see in air like the fish in water, we would know that this energy all around us is the essence of the life force that flows in, through and all around us. It creates according to our belief systems.

One of the Catherine Ponder books says, “Substance is passive.” This divine substance around us, this energy form, is passive. It moves upon a person’s thoughts, words and actions. If you are not in charge of your life, setting your own goals and creating your own reality, somebody else will create it for you.

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