7 Attitudes You Want To Change In The Coming Year

Attitude is Everything written on desert road Today write down 7 attitudes you want to improve/change this year.  Attitude really is everything! So, what better way to enter a new beginning than to define the attitudes you want to change?

This could be paying more attention to gratitude. Perhaps you can use the Gratitude Journal Software we created.  Or, you might enjoy writing your gratitudes with paper and pen. Maybe you want to do it more often. Figure out different ways to implement this attitude change.

Maybe you want to be less judgmental. Maybe you want to be more loving to strangers (or even to those you know).

Maybe you want to be more patient – with specific people or with everything in general.

Perhaps, you want to start thinking about “bad” things differently, embracing the good that comes from them?

Maybe you want to stop worrying so much and believing more in the Law of Attraction. Once you do that, you’ll learn why worrying simply brings you more things to worry about.

So, go ahead. This might take a few more minutes than the others have but it will be worth it. Your attitude is with you all the time so it’s an integral part of you. Don’t you think that it’s worth than just a minute or two. After all, 2016 is going to be your best year yet so you might as well begin to craft it right don’t you think?

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