7 Desires You Have For The Coming Year

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Now let’s get to working on what you want to happen in this coming year. Take a few moments as you recover from your New Years’ Eve celebrations and jot down 7 things you really want this year. Remember that the year is a lot of days. In our age of instant gratification we always seem to want what we want and want it NOW. Remember the Law of Gestation and understand that the Universe is in charge, not you. You can guide the Universe by continuously monitoring your thoughts and keeping them aligned so that the Law of Attraction can bring you the results you want. Remember to be realistic too. Don’t be jotting down “I want to make a million dollars this year” if your income in less than $100,000 now. Your subconscious mind can’t wrap itself around something that far out – especially in one year. This is not to say that you shouldn’t be aiming to make a million dollars.  You just need to be realistic about it and list either a smaller desire and put it down as a stepping stone “toward my million” for example. Or you could put down something like “I’m well on my way toward creating my million dollar lifestyle and income”. Something that allows for progress but doesn’t put specific limits on you in the next 365 days – that’s a sure set up for failure. Instead of “I am going to lose 100 pounds (or even 30)”, make a statement about what you really want – “I am enjoying eating better” (notice I didn’t say ‘healthy’ – your mind may not be able to wrap itself around that right now).

Right now, I don’t care of these desires are specific or general. I just want you to write 7 things that you can associate with the word “desire’. That’s the catch – what feeling does that word generate inside of you?

Happy New Year!


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