Influential Laws/Beliefs That Govern Your Life – Part 1

rule 1The Law of Consciousness

This is the first law – The Law of Consciousness.

Law of Consciousness

You are everything that you have ever read, heard on the radio or television, in school, read in encyclopedias or heard from your parents or siblings.

Siblings tell you things to scare you.

Ministers tell you things about your life and you may no longer believe in those things.

Much of what you’ve been told is made of old wives tales too or research has changed the validity of those beliefs. You can have beliefs in you that are completely invalid right now.

Maybe you were told you had to work hard to get anywhere. That might have set you up for failure or for hard work or maybe even both because you believe you can’t get anywhere unless you’re working 14 or 16 hours a day (or more).

What about concepts like:

  • “You have to have an education to get anywhere”
  • “Girls can’t do that”
  • “You’re just like your ____ (fill in the blank)”
  •  You’re told what our health is going to be like. “This or that runs in our family”.

Your subconscious is like a garbage dump. It holds everything – the good and not so good. It holds the bad, the angry, the hostile, all of your opinions and the opinions that were given to you.

Once you start giving up just a few of these beliefs, you’ll be amazed at the changes you’ll see happening in your life.

You are like an onion, though, and have to work down to the deepest beliefs by peeling the onion. You have to examine each belief that pops up and decide whether to keep it or discard it.

If you have chaos in your life, then you have thoughts that are out of harmony with something you want to do. Chaos here means things you don’t want are in your life. You’ve let fear take over. You’ve let anger take over or you’ve condemned or criticized. By the way, the word “problem” is quite acceptable and is not negative because there always is a solution!

Don’t dwell on your mistakes or what you could have or should have done. That just activates the Law of Attraction to bring you more chaos and you don’t get out of that downward spiral.

You have to be careful about what you’re looking at and what you’re asking for. For example there are people who say they want to lose weight no matter what it takes. Our culture has the vision of people who are critically or terminally ill looking scrawny and emaciated. If you don’t qualify what you’re asking for (do not put “whatever it takes”), you might actually get the result you’re asking for but with dire consequences – you’ll lose the weight but be very, very sick.

I’ve done this and caught myself when I’ve said I’d really like to retire. I have to be careful to qualify this and say something like “regular” retirement so that it eliminates the possibility of requiring a medical retirement. If I just ask the Universe to help me retire, then it will take the easiest way out – and that might actually be the medical route. I surely do NOT want that.

So, you have all these beliefs in our “garbage dump” (the subconscious) and your job is to weed out what is valid and what you want to continue to believe and what is invalid and what you no longer choose to believe. Once you identify a belief, ask yourself:

  • who was my authority on this? If it was your parents, how did they turn out? Do you want to be like them? You have to separate what they taught you that you want to believe from that which they taught you that you don’t want to believe.
  • if it’s limiting in any way, you don’t want to keep that belief (like women have to work harder than men to be successful).

You have to be able to realize that our parents were just normal people, not deities whose every word was the Gospel.

Now take some time and think about what you were taught. Then ask yourself if this is something you continue to believe or want to continue believing. Ask yourself who your authority was/is on this issue. Then write down the belief you choose to adopt. Try that on for size and see how it feels.

The next law is the next step in eliminating your limiting beliefs and replacing them. So stay tuned!






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