Influential Laws/Beliefs That Govern Your Life – Part 3

rule 3Law of Cause and Effect

You will go over these first three laws repeatedly since things will continue to come up in your life.

Each time you can let one go and say “who’s my authority on that one?” The authority was not that important and gave you information that wasn’t accurate. This will allow you to release any limiting acts or events going on in your life.

The Law of Cause and Effect is simply what you give out comes back. It’s been said in many different ways including even “what goes around comes around.”.

The more you can give, the more generous you can be, the more generous people come into your life. The more you can praise and appreciate, the more you can receive praise and appreciation. The more glory you give others, the more that other people will give to you.

It’s merely giving out what you want to come back to you.

You have to beware, however, of what you might be thinking behind the praise and appreciation you’re giving out. For example, if you’re thinking that someone who is seemingly nice to you may not be being sincere or that you can’t trust them, then this is a belief you want to work on to eliminate. It’s good that it surfaced and you can recognize it and then deal with releasing/changing it. Your return will be affected by what you’re believing at that moment in time. If you have a contradiction that says “but it takes a long time to get this back”, then it will take a long time.

You want to be correcting these limiting thoughts and events in your life. There are no limitations in the Universe. The only limitation is your fears, your anxieties and your frustrations.

You have to put out what you want back. If you want praise and appreciation, you have to give it. If you want money, you have to be putting out money. You have to have a generous spirit, a generous soul, in order to put out the kind of income that you want back.

The more you have things happen, the more you believe it. You believe the possibility that’s working in and through you. It’s a feeling you get. Remember how important feelings are!

The more you work with it, the quicker it comes. If it’s not working, you have to look for the limiting beliefs that are keeping the manifestation from arriving at your door.

Every time something comes up that you feel lack or limitation about or somebody is interfering with you or you’re feeling critical about something or condemning someone, you have to ask “where is this coming from? Who is my authority on this?”

If you begin to sense that there’s a problem, use an affirmation like “reveal the truth to me. What’s going on?” Try to offset any problems by saying “Let the truth be revealed” at the first inkling of any possible issue. Say “Show me what it is that’s going on. Show me what I’m supposed to be doing about it. Reveal it to me.”

When you review your situation and sense problems, say “Okay, if I sense or feel or see something that seems to be chaos, I’ll let it go. I release and let go of all people who have completed their divine plan in my life.”

Also consider what drew that person to you. All the things you believe in and your feelings, anxieties and frustrations are also attracting people to you during this time. You want to recognize this because as you get rid of that situation inside of you or a belief you have, then that type of person stops coming in.

This is a big key to getting out of chaos so that everyone who comes into your life is there for the purpose of being a blessing to you, for you, and through you.

Once you know these three laws, then you know why things are happening in your life. And, you know how to change them. If you don’t work through and understand all of these three laws, you’ll be giving out something but not understand why it’s not coming back (if you’re concentrating only on the Law of Cause and Effect – many people start there and do not bother with the first two laws which are vital for understanding the entire process). If you’re not getting something back that you’re giving out, it’s because you have these “preventions” inside that come from an earlier time and you haven’t released them.

You continue to say “how does this affect me? How does this belief affect me?”

Any time you begin to believe in any gossip or rumors you hear, believe in the radio, the telephone, rumor mongers, politicians, if you believe what they’re saying is the absolute truth, remember that everything everybody says is filtered in some way through their opinions.

You can practice by listening to the news and learning to counter it. If you hear there were 5,000 people killed in some tragedy somewhere, then you say “oh, but 30,000 were saved!” You begin to see the good in it. You want to learn to look for the good in something. You want to look for the goodness in people. Come up with anything, no matter how silly it may seem, to put yourself in a different frame of mind. You learn to practice the presence of being good and declaring the things that are good in your life.

I suggest you go back and review these first three laws now and start working with them. The others are important but these three are ones you will use almost daily, especially initially.


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